Do video games have a place in the classroom?

Do video games have a place in the classroom?
Thu 07 Jun 12, 14:00pm AEST

Stephanie Brantz

I know many parents question video games, but I wonder if they have ever stopped to consider their educational value? With the increasing variety of titles being custom made for the classroom such as Mathletics or Study Ladder it’s getting harder to ignore the benefits. Imagine how many factoids your 8 year old comes out with each week – how many might be gathered from the games they play? Possibly quite a lot more than you think! Games in their traditional form have long been a significant part of every school playground – I remember having great fun playing countless hours of bull rush and soccer with my classmates when I was at school. Using video games as a teaching tool is only an extension of something we’ve all been doing for a very long time. Whether the game has been created s…

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