Dynamic Collaborative Classrooms

I am working on a grant that is looking at the attitudes and perceptions of our students in a 1:1 laptop program, when it has occurred to me that it is not the tool (laptop) that will change the attitudes and perceptions but the physical landscape of the room.


I have been doing some reading about this topic since seeing Professor Stephen Heppell talk about this.  I am wanting to pursue an idea of having different floor plans for the type of learning that will take place in each room.  The idea behind this is to create a common language amongst staff and students. Eg: Collaborative Work, Think/Pair/Share Work and Individual/Assessment Work.  

On the floor will be coloured dots to indicate where to place the tables (a different colour for each floor plan) so staff and students start to get into a habit of setting the room up very quickly.  Some of the resources I have looked at include:







I would like to connect with other educators who have done something similar/the same or who are interested in doing this with their class.  Please let me know.