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Untested maths theorem used in Futurams

Check out: “Futurama writer devises (and proves) math theorem to save The Professor’s and Amy’s mind” –

Sure, you could prove as-of-yet-unsolved mathematical problems (why hello there, Pne;NP), but where’s the entertainment value for the rest of us? Cue Futurama staff writer Ken Keeler, who used his PhD in “Math Blasters (in N Dimensions)” to create and verify a theorem that served as the crux of the plot for the recent Prisoner of Benda episode, wherein minds and bodies can only be switched in one direction and order must eventually be restored. Thus we are at a crossroads, dear reader: you can either brush up on your Group Theory and related permutations and expressions… or alternatively, just take a chill and enjoy a hilarious moment in science fiction. Next up, let’s explore the ramifications of Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle being disproven when a peanut butter sandwich fell into the large hadron collider, and by some stroke of luck scientists were able to simultaneously determine its momentum, position, and crunchiness.

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